Rustic Log Furniture

The popularity of rustic furniture is wide spread due to its appealing design and its ability to bring the great outdoors anywhere. There are many types of rustic furniture, but the basic design concept centers around the ideas of natural beauty and sturdy functionality. Rustic furniture is usually constructed with materials found in nature, such as logs, vines, and bark. Inorganic materials such as metal and paint can also be used to make rustic furniture, especially for added decoration. People purchase rustic log furniture with a variety of locations and situations in mind, but the reason for purchasing such furniture often stems from a desire for a return to simplicity, quality, and longevity.

Popular Uses for Rustic Furniture

One popular use for rustic furniture is that of patio furniture outdoors. Rough hewn tables and chairs are durable, can take bad weather exposure, and bring a touch of the wild to the civility of the backyard. Furniture made from cedar or pine, for example, can provide a comfortable sitting or eating surface for families who want tough, strong furniture that can withstand the elements. Rustic furniture also wears well, obtaining an aesthetically appealing weathered look that only adds to its charm.

Outdoor Rustic Furniture

Other outdoor uses of rustic furniture could be placing wooden log style benches along a wooded path or placing a wooden or stone bench in a garden to create a peaceful sitting place. Rustic rocking chairs make good additions to screened in porches, and rustic loungers can add a touch of class to a pool or shoreline area. Picnic tables are popular outdoor dining options, and rustic porch swings are comfortable and comforting pieces of furniture.

Indoor Rustic Furniture

Rustic furniture is often purchased for indoor use, generally by those people who want to set a certain scene in the house. For example, someone who owns a log cabin or a mountain getaway may want to make the place look like a hunting lodge or an isolated cabin. Typical rustic furniture purchases in that situation would be log style tables and chairs, beds made from chopped wood and twisted vines, as well as end and side tables made of solid, polished wood. Those who are furnishing these types of homes often accessorize using pottery dishes, mounted guns, deer antlers, and the like. Bedspreads and chair coverings are often natural, neutral colors such as shades of brown and yellow. Wood carvings of animals, fishing tackle, and animal pelts are other popular forms of rustic furniture accessories.

Log Cabin Rustic Furniture

While the log cabin style is arguably the most popular rustic furniture style, there are other types of rustic furniture on the market. For example, people outfitting beach cottages may want to purchase driftwood furniture that is made from pieces of wood that wash up on the shore. Other pieces of rustic furniture may incorporate sea shells, nautical paraphernalia, and lighter, brighter wood. Accessories may include various shells, ship models, and deep sea fishing equipment. Wicker furniture can also have a rustic appearance and is a popular beach home staple.

Log Furniture Styles

Rustic furniture does not have to be rough and unpolished. The concept of rustic furniture is a fairly broad one, so decorators may consider styles that emulate that of the American West or colonial influence to be rustic. For many people, rustic furniture must evoke days gone by, and something that is ornately carved or decorated may qualify as rustic. For example, if a person opens up a Western style saloon and investigates what type of furniture to put in the building, he or she may decide to go with thick, solid wood tables and chairs. The player piano may be ornately carved, but it could still be considered rustic because it lends an air of charm and authority to the old-fashioned surroundings.

Rustic Decor

Others may prefer to decorate their homes in a Midwestern Adobe style. Rustic wooden furniture combined with pottery dishes and sculptures can combine to produce a distinctive Midwestern flavor. Accessories for this type of rustic furniture would be Native American blankets with geometric patterns, animal skins, and clay pottery figurines.

Regardless of the particular style the decorator chooses for a space, rustic furniture is available to meet the buyer’s needs. Whether a person is seeking to decorate a log cabin, a beach cottage, a country home, or a period restaurant, quality rustic furniture is available in bricks and mortar stores and online for purchase. Potential buyers should research rustic furniture ahead of time in order to have an idea of what they want to purchase for their decorating spaces, although the uniqueness of many rustic furniture pieces often makes specific planning impossible. Many buyers will appreciate the environmentally friendly aspect of rustic furniture as its pieces are often made from material gathered from nature, and buyers also often like supporting the small business craftsman who often make and sell rustic furniture.